Form VII: Juyo

The final Form of Lightsaber Combat is known as Juyo. It is also called The Ferocity Form, or the Way of the Vornskr. The Vornskr was a predator with the innate ability to sense the Force in living creatures. It was from the planet Myrkr, and was the natural predator of the Ysalamiri, the animal […]

Form IV: Ataru

Welcome to the Third post in the Seven Forms of Lightsaber Combat series. In this section, we go over Ataru. Please refer to the Shii Cho, Makashi, and Soresu posts if you wish to read them in order. This is not meant as a technical manual, merely a guidepost for developing the Forms however you see fit. […]

Form I: Shii Cho

This is the first post on the Seven Forms. It will be going through the real life and in universe histories of the Form, as well as the tactical and philosophical underpinnings. This is not meant as a technical manual or a discussion on THIS IS WHAT TO DO. This is meant as a guide […]

Lightsaber Combat 101: Marks and Tactics

To begin understanding the Seven Forms, you must begin by understanding the Marks of Contact. The Marks, simply put, were the strikes one would make to end a conflict. If the saber is drawn and the conflict does not resolve itself before the need for violence, someone’s life will be irrevocably altered. Whether it is […]

Why We Do This

As we continue on, I think now is a good time to stop and answer a question. It’s a question that hopefully some of us have asked and I have to believe a lot of people outside our community have asked before: Why learn about lightsabers? This is a fair question, and one that I […]

What is a Lightsaber?

I think if we’re going to start discussing the Lightsaber and how to use it, we might as well start with the basics and work our way up. If the goal of some of the groups out there is to understand and address the lightsaber as if it were a real weapon (whether for stage […]

First Step In To a Larger World

In the winter of 2009, I attended my first ever Comic Convention in New York City. A minute in to looking at the schedule, one event caught my eye: New York Jedi, a stage combat troupe and fan group that put on shows and stories set in a Galaxy Far Far Away. For an hour, […]