Goodnight (But Not Goodbye)

It’s been a while since I posted anything on this page. For this I am sorry. After a rather heartfelt message from a reader (to whom I’m sorry for the late reply) I felt I should pop back on and make a statement. To be frank, I stopped writing because I had nothing else left […]

Hoshino: A Snark Side Review

(Content Warning: the following video does contain depiction of severe eye trauma) In November,  a Star Wars fan film came out that made me sit down and watch. I love me the SW fandoms, but there is some times only so much you can sit and watch people in black robes fighting for the title […]

Charity in the Star Wars Fandom

As of an hour of writing this post, I launched my Patreon account for this blog. As some of you know, I recently moved and am currently looking for work. Right now my writing here, my game design stuff, and my novels are what are currently keeping me sane.  As writing is my major export […]

Shii Cho Class: Rogue Alliance 02/17

Hey gang, last month I had done a class with Rogue Alliance, the New York City Lightsaber Stage Combat troupe I mentioned previously. Their head of media was kind enough to share their videos with me. I wanted to post them here, as they are relevant to my previous discussions on the Forms and Shii […]

Update: October 21st, 2016

As of Thursday night, October 20th, I have rescinded my membership with New York Jedi. My reasons for leaving are my own, and at this point I will not be answering questions on the subject. I hold nothing but the highest respect for the members of New York Jedi, who have spent these past 11 […]