Rogue Alliance

Welcome to Snark Side 2017! I was going to start off with some reviews of fan videos but a LOT has happened in the past month. Let me get started with the most pertinent…

As many of you know, I resigned my membership with New York Jedi over two months ago in the light of the recent law suit Lucas and Disney have levied on its founder and owner. Several days after my departure, this image was shared by the members of New York Jedi and then, eventually, on the New York Jedi Facebook page itself.


So that happened. The conversation to do that was, and this is a gross understatement, not easy for any one in the group. But, as soon as that conversation-and the group itself-was resolved, the next conversation started right up: What happens next.

As unanimously as their previous discussion,it was decided to start new. A new group, new management. Two months of planning and recuperating. At the start of the new year, the group began to move, and with it a new name: It is called Rogue Alliance.

The Alliance still maintains the theme of its predecessor: A Star Wars-themed fight choreography group that delights in mixing and matching elements and themes from across the fandoms. You can play a human, a twi’lek, a Wookie (power to you for both). You can also play a Kryptonian, a Gallifreyan, or something you cobbled together so long as it is rooted firmly and solidly with Star Wars flavor.

In house, this is referred to as the 70/30 rule. 70% of the costume must be Star Wars. There is a costuming panel that helps decide and guide members in how to better attain this. It is not as strict or exacting as the rules of other groups, which aspire to be as movie accurate as possible. So long as it adheres to the spirit of Star Wars, it will be welcome here.We aren’t looking to be Canon, other groups do that and they are welcome to it. We’re here to be fun. There’s a whole subsection of Star Wars stories called Legends, all the things that might have or could be. In that vagueness we play.

One goal of Rogue Alliance is to attain Non For Profit status. The Star Wars fandoms have a long and rich history of charity work, which we would like to uphold. While it is unsure if the group will be listed as a 501c3, which is the norm, the group is developing its foundation in a way where it is, to quote a member “definitely with NPO in mind”. There will also be web content, tutorials and the like shared freely. There is still a lot to do as the group solidifies before we can get there, but like all labors of love, it is worth it in the end.

So, if you’re in the New York City area, and you want to get in on the newest Lightsaber Group with over a decade of experience in the community and decades more in martial and theatrical experience, why settle for normal when you can be a Rogue?

“What is built endures, what is loved endures” – Stealing from another sci/fi series
There will be more posts about the Alliance in the future. My biases should be clear in this message, but I also promise that while I am their greatest supporter, I will also be their greatest critic. 



One thought on “Rogue Alliance

  1. That is great news! And on a totally unrelated note, when do we get to hear your thoughts on the Guardians of the Whills and all of these new directions that the Force seems to be headed in?


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